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At Canopy Designs, we're devoted to creating beautiful and elegant designs in home accessories, lighting, jewelry and tabletop. Glistening beads, stones, and cameos found most often in jewelry find their way into our chandeliers, sconces and napkin rings. Our design direction is often steeped in an antique French and Italian sensibility while the use of unexpected materials creates a look that is decidedly our own.

At Canopy, we like to get a sense of fulfilment from our jobs. This happens when clients feel passionately about what they are trying to create. It is our job to listen to turn ideas and visions into something real, contributing with the knowledge of all things landscape that we have learned through the years.

That’s why our catch-phrase is “creating exceptional spaces”. There are many layers of depth to landscape architecture. From creating the picturesque, the formal and functional through to enriching the ecology of the land and providing better connections. There is also aiding in interpretation of cultural landscape and creating memorable spaces that may become culturally significant.

Our aim at Canopy is to add as much depth and meaning to the landscape and given the opportunity, that is what we will do.

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